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Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Rational Sentiment
Rational Sentiment is Ross' blog about politics, finance, and current events. Please, feel free to drop in and let him know what you think.

Useful Tools

Google Home Page
Google allows you to create a customized personal page including news, weather, movie times, etc. You can even create your own section from any Atom or RSS feed. (Notice the "Add to Google" buttons on our blogs).
Google Docs and Spreadsheets
Google provides online document and spreadsheet creation that you can share with anyone else. It's not perfect but E and I use it for various lists that we want access to from anywhere and that we both want to be able to modify.
This service helps me create and update our blogs.
Google Products List
You can probably tell that I am addicted to all of the products and services that Google offers. Here is a complete list of released products and if you click on the "Labs" link, you can see some of the upcoming products.
Bible Gateway
A cool site for looking up bible verses in many different translations.


Astronomy Pic of the Day
NASA publishes a daily photograph of our universe with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
NASA has a TV channel that you can watch online. They have lots of interesting footage and educational programming. Also, you can watch launches and on-orbit operations live.
Spaceflight Now
Spaceflight Now is a commercial space news agency. They often seem to be more up to date than NASA.

Work / School / Church

Elizabeth's Young Alumna of the Year Announcement
Elizabeth was recognized by Louisiana Tech as young alumna of the year, 2009.
Elizabeth's Tech Triumphs page
Elizabeth was recognized by Louisiana Tech as a successful graduate. They interviewed her and the profile is here. If you spend a little time on the LATech page you'll find that she shows up all over in pictures and stories.
Neptec Home
This is the homepage of Ross' company.
This is the homepage of NASA's Johnson Space Center where Elizabeth works.
International Space University Summer Session Program webpage. This is the program that Elizabeth went to Strasbourg, France for.
Louisiana Tech University College of Engineering and Science. This is where E and I both got our undergraduate degrees.
The University of Texas College of Engineering. This is where I got my master's degree.
The University of Texas Robotics Research Group. This is where I did my master's research.
Gateway Community Church
This is the church that Elizabeth and Ross attend.


ISU Blog
This is E's blog from her Summer in France at International Space University in 2006. She hasn't updated it since she got back but it documents her experience.
Projects Blog
This is Ross' projects blog. He no longer uses this location seperately from the other blog but the older entries are archived here.
TayloredTruth Styles
This site lets you select a style for the TayloredTruth website including old styles.